• Provides immediate access to plastic surgery market via specialist sales force channel
  • Complementary to existing sales efforts while broadening the adoption of J-Plasma® by office-based surgeons

CLEARWATER, FL — June 30, 2016- Bovie Medical Corporation (NYSEMKT:BVX), a maker of medical devices and supplies and the developer of J-Plasma®,
a patented new surgical product, today announced it had entered into a sales channel partnership Agreement with Arteriocyte Medical Systems, Inc., to sell
J-Plasma® to its network of plastic surgeons.

The Agreement will put Bovie’s innovative J-Plasma® product in the hands of Arteriocyte’s U.S. sales network, significantly expanding its potential for use in office-based practices. Arteriocyte’s sales team has expertise in both biologics, and medical devices utilized in the plastic surgery category of care, and a portfolio of novel products that are complementary to J-Plasma®.

“We are delighted to sign this Agreement with Arteriocyte, a company with an exemplary reputation in selling innovative cellular therapy based medical devices,” said Robert L. Gershon, Chief Executive Officer. “J-Plasma®’s precision and lack of thermal spread make it a natural fit for the plastic surgeon, and Arteriocyte’s nationwide reach and complementary product portfolio will significantly raise awareness of the technology, and complement our existing sales efforts. This partnership is an important milestone in our strategy to scale J-Plasma® across multiple specialties, leveraging the different applications for this unique surgical technology.”

Arteriocyte Medical Systems is a medical device company dedicated to developing solutions to help patients heal faster. Collaborations and partnerships are core to its approach in seeking innovations and technologies that target unmet medical needs.

“J-Plasma’s potential to substantially reduce patient down-time aligns well with our strategic priorities, and we look forward to successfully launching this new product to our network of plastic surgeons nationwide,” said Donald Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Arteriocyte.

About Bovie Medical Corporation

Bovie Medical Corporation is a leading maker of medical devices and supplies as well as the developer of J-Plasma®, a patented new plasma-based surgical product for cutting and coagulation. J-Plasma® utilizes a helium ionization process to produce a stable, focused beam of ionized gas that provides surgeons with greater precision, minimal invasiveness and an absence of conductive currents through the patient during surgery. Bovie Medical Corporation is also a leader in the manufacture of a range of electrosurgical products and technologies, marketed through both private labels and the Company’s own well-respected brands (Bovie®, Aaron®, IDS™ and ICON™) to distributors worldwide. The Company also leverages its expertise through original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreements with other medical device manufacturers. For further information about the Company’s current and new products, please refer to the Investor Relations section of Bovie Medical Corporation’s

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