Quality Policy

The Apyx Medical Corporation Quality Policy supports our Vision and Mission. We commit to continuously improve and maintain an effective Quality Management System to support the business and provide customers with innovative and transformative products that are safe, effective, and reliable.

We accomplish this by:

  • Meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations for product quality and performance;

  • Continuously improving our products, processes and systems to always simplify, challenge the status quo, and improve operational efficiency;

  • Purposeful compliance with all applicable legal requirements and regulatory standards as required by the government, our industry, and our customers.

Quality System


Apyx Medical Corporation is proud to state that we have a fully staffed service and repair organization dedicated to responding to our customer’s concerns by supplying fast turn-around on repairs. We are also pleased to announce that we have generators available on a temporary or loaner basis. These units are supplied at no charge to our customers when units are under warranty and at a small nominal charge for units which are no longer under warranty.


Apyx Medical Corporation has a four year warranty on our standard Electrosurgical Generator lines from the date of sale. To compensate for time to sell the generator, we’ve added a 6 month grace period to the warranty period. Essentially, you have a warranty period of 4 years and 6 months from the date of manufacture. Click here to view the full warranty policy.


The date manufactured is coded within the serial number of the generator. The decode is in the following form: AA or BV are the leading characters followed by a two digit work week, then the two digit year and then followed by a unique number in the series of units built that week. An example: BV3418010 would be a generator that was the tenth (10th) unit built in the thirty-fourth (34th) work week of 2018.


1) The best tip requires some planning. Have a spare pencil, a spare patient return cord and spare patient return pad or plate on hand. This will aid troubleshooting so that you can try another pencil and or the patient return cord and or return pad to see if the same problem is occurring. These three items are the items that will most generally wear out first. By preparing ahead, you can troubleshoot the unit yourself and should one of the three items or all three be bad you can get your generator operational much quicker.

2) No power to the unit. Be sure to fully insert the power plug into the back of the unit. On several unit these plugs fit very snuggly and require more pressure to fully seat the plug into the outlet on the generator.

3) Unit showing split pad error. Make sure the split pad is in contact with the patient’s skin. The generator is designed to sense the “impedance” associated with skin contact. On a trial basis you can connect the split pad to your arm, leg or even the palm of your hand.


Send an email to: service@apyxmedical.com
– or –
Call the main number at 800-537-2790 or locally 727-384-2323
(ask for customer service).

Tell them you have a malfunctioning unit, explain what is happening (that so we know what to look for in the repair) and give us the serial number located on the back of the unit. Tell us what it’s not doing or is doing that is wrong.


Telling us what is wrong with your unit make the repairs much faster. We can focus immediately on what the problem is rather than having to fully test the unit and deduce what’s not right with the unit. Never fear that we will miss something; we always fully test each unit after repair or troubleshooting to make sure the unit performs to the specification. We expect each unit that leaves the service and repair group will perform to manufacturing specifications, no exceptions.