Evaluation of Bowel Injury in a Porcine Model Following Ablation with J‑Plasma® Helium-Based Plasma Technology


Journal Article


Alexander B. Olawaiye


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of J-Plasma® and the argon beam coagulator (ABC) on porcine bowel.

J-Plasma (test) and the Argon Beam Coagulator (control) were used to treat the jejunum, ileum, and large intestine of seven (7) female Yorkshire cross pigs (J-Plasma: acute, n=1 and chronic n=3; ABC: acute n=1 and chronic n=2). The acute animals were euthanized 4 hours following treatment and the chronic animals were survived to 14 days then euthanized. Following euthanasia, all treated sites were evaluated grossly for evidence of perforation.

Perforations were observed in all treatment sites of all control animals, acute and chronic, with all chronic control animals requiring early termination or resulting in an early death. There were no perforations observed in any test animals that survived to scheduled sacrifice; one test animal expired early due to non-device related complications.

This study demonstrates that J-Plasma can be safely utilized to treat small and large porcine intestine with no perforations observed. This device is an alternative tool in the surgical treatment of intra-abdominal cancer when removing cancer from peritoneal and bowel surfaces.