J-Plasma vs. CO2 Laser in Treatment of Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is one of the most common gynecological problems, affecting 6 to 10 percent of women of reproductive age.  Over half of women and teenage girls with pelvic pain have endometriosis and up to half of women who are infertile have this disease.  It can cause severe pain as a result of lesions, scar tissue, and inflammation.

Issues with Surgery When Using the CO2 Laser

Surgery is often recommended for moderate to severe endometriosis, but surgeons must be able to be incredibly precise as they navigate in small, delicate areas.  The C02 laser is commonly used, but this tool makes it very difficult to excise diseased tissue without harming healthy tissue that surrounds it.  Its high temperatures make nearby tissues, as well as underlying tissues, vulnerable to thermal damage.  As a result, surgery can sometimes have results that are less than optimal.

A New Tool for Treating Endometriosis

J-Plasma®, a revolutionary new surgical tool and is highly effective in endometrial surgeries.  It utilizes helium, an inert gas, passing over an energized blade.  The helium is ionized into a stream of plasma, which can cut, coagulate, and vaporize tissue as needed.

Advantages Provided by the J-Plasma

The J-Plasma offers many advantages over the C02 laser, including the following:

Protects nearby and underlying tissue:  Its lower temperature reduces the chance of damaging nearby and underlying tissue, allowing surgeons to more aggressively ablate or excise lesions and free adhesions.

Precise cutting:  The retractable blade, enhanced by the helium plasma allows for extremely precise cutting capability.

Multiple instruments aren’t needed:  Excision and coagulation can be performed with the push of a button.

Streamlined surgery:  By pressing a button, a surgeon can immediately transition from one function to another.  The transition is seamless without any waiting time.

Savings over time:  The J-Plasma is less expensive to operate and maintain and there are no certifications to maintain.

Less additional equipment needed:  The C02 laser requires protective eyewear to be utilized, but it’s not necessary with the J-Plasma.

For more information about J-Plasma, contact Apyx™ Medical at 1-800-537-2790 in the U.S. or internationally at +1-727-384-2323.  We are committed to bringing transformative technology, such as J-Plasma, to surgeons and physicians throughout the world.